Masterpiece Musings

Dear Friends of Masterpiece

by Tim Botts

This year’s theme was borrowed from the book Echoes of Eden by Jerram Barr which laid out the
epic of creation, the fall, and redemption. The students spent much of their time expressing this grand story through dance, drama, music, visual arts and writing.

A couple of highlights from Art & Faith speakers were: Amy Kozol Sanderson, a Masterpiece alumnus who recently started Ballet 5:8 dance company in Chicago, and Nicole Mazzarella of Wheaton College who spoke about the habits of an artist’s life—attention, wonder and risk.

In June the visual arts instructor Arlon Bayliss led us in a unique worship meta- phor with colored glass and mirrors at sunset.

In July we lost power one evening just as we were beginning Open Mic and discovered that we could be very creative without technology!

Our worship leader Brian Hogan guided us in a powerful expression with our hands—moving from God’s distance to his nearness as we brought our hands close to our hearts.

As always, it was wonderful to see some students each week move from being withdrawn to full engagement. Pastor Jeff Walser gave us the challenge to be quick to respond to God’s promptings to avoid hard-heartedness.

A particular picture remains in my mind of a student donning a life jacket—reminding me that we seek for each one of them to be rescued from the kingdom of darkness into God’s kingdom of light.