Masterpiece Musings

Reflections on Masterpiece Project 2015

by Sherrie Rogers

Masterpiece Ministries has completed 14 seasons and 18 sessions of Masterpiece Project camps while also praying, dreaming, and hosting many smaller events and collaborations with other ministries for nearly 20 years. The journey has brought joy beyond measure, and the impact on students’ lives inspires us to continue to commit to the work.

Each year we marvel at how students fully accept the challenge of building a new com- munity within the brevity of one week! They face their own fears, embrace one another with hopeful acceptance, and delve into the process of creating a “brave new world”—together! Relationships are built to last, as they have shared the sanctuary and beauty of genuine Christian community.

This summer campers were presented with a deeply personal challenge through our theme “Echoes of Eden”. They were guided through an exercise of deliberation on the unique journey of mankind from the sanctuary of Eden—through the alienation of sin—to the hope and promise of eternity through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This process is aided and afirmed by many activities throughout camp. Students and staff spend time in studio groups, collaborative creative groups, worship services, and small group conversations to gain insight from scripture and personal life experiences. They hear the presentations of professional visiting artists and enjoy table conversations with both peers and staff during meals, mini-work- shops, and free time. They participate in nightly Open Mic presentations; the great fun of Dance Party night; and camp re worship and fellowship.

A special tradition of prayer for each individual camper is very important to our community and is a meaningful highlight at week’s end.

The result- ing revelation of God’s great love and provision for us was then depicted by the students as the Collaborative Project. Through vulnerable emotive and creative expression, campers presented an extraordinary nal performance for parents and the camp community! It was a wonderful example of young people taking creative risks and exploring new terrain.

We hope that you will consider Masterpiece Project as a Christian camp experience for creative teens. Please share the story of Masterpiece by referring friends and family to our website, Please help us continue to “help young people identify and develop their gifts in the arts and to become wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ.”