Masterpiece Musings


by Lauren Brandenburg

It all began with a casual conversation at a Christmas party. The words camp, Christian, arts, and teach ignited something suppressed inside of me. I listened— intrigued and hoping this opportunity would somehow find its way into my life. After an amazing blend of communications, I was slated to be on staff with Masterpiece. Suddenly I was nervous, apprehensive, and pretty sure I was the wrong author for the job, however my excitement intertwined with the doubt. Sure teaching and mentoring young writers is my passion, but what if the campers saw through me? What if they could sense my self-diagnosed flaws? What if I wasn’t qualified to lead them?

But God knew. That is a part of His Wonder—the knowing and divine orchestration. He knew I would remember. He knew that I would rediscover my own passion as a writer; that I would remember why I set out to put words to paper in the first place. He knew that I would stand in front of a room full of artists, share my fears, and in turn remember that I wasn’t alone. He knew the relationships I would gain. And He knew that I would remember His Wonder as I watched it taking place right before my eyes as teenagers sought to reveal that same Wonder through their art and aspirations.

He used an exchange, a moment, a place, and a group of gifted artisans to clear my mind so that I might see it and remember whom He created me to be—a product of His Wonder, created to create in His image. In a few short days, Wonder—a beautiful mystery layered with truths, dreams, wisdom, and unimaginable creativity—buried doubt, crushed fear, and repaired confidence in the desire of my heart. For me, it only took a short conversation to lead me to something so Wonder-filled and life restoring, a place to be reminded that we all are His Masterpiece.