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Masterpiece needs your help to accomplish our mission. Donations provide salary for the Hogan’s, fund our current initiatives, sustain our expanding operations, and will fuel our vision for increasing the life-changing impact of Masterpiece and the spiritual and artistic transformation that are at its center.

In addition, your gifts help sponsor students who attend a Masterpiece Project camp. Approximately 35% of the teens who attend require some form of financial assistance. Masterpiece provides various levels of financial aid for teens who demonstrate need, and these scholarships come from our generous support network of friends like you.

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You may also contribute ‘appreciated assets’ (stocks, bonds, etc.). Masterpiece has the ability to convert these to cash in a manner that gives the donor maximum tax benefit. Often times, it is more advantageous for donors if the gift is made in the form of an asset. Masterpiece cannot offer tax advice, however, we encourage you to work with your own accountants or tax advisers to determine the gifting strategy that works best for you. To contribute appreciated assets, please call or email Gordon Rogers, Masterpiece Treasurer, directly at 615.804.8908 or via email to discuss the best options for you.