Masterpiece Musings

Perspectives from Parents


While searching for a theatrical summer camp for my daughter, we heard about Masterpiece Ministries. We loved that it was a Christian camp, and signed her up. Let me say that what we expected did not compare to the amazing experience that we encountered! She lives for this camp now, and the entire summer is planned around this week.

I was completely impressed and excited to learn that the instructors were professionals from the various industries. It was a blessing to see the encouragement, guidance, and insight into the reality of the profession that the instructors shared with the campers. I appreciate that she was given opportunities to discover aspects of her interest that she did not know existed. She explored aspects beyond her comfort zone, and also had opportunities to try other art forms. When I saw the compilation of the various arts at the closing program, I was blown away and so moved, that I knew i would do anything to ensure that she would be able to attend next year! It was amazing to see the love, teamwork, and talent—all for the Glory of God and to the benefit of the kids. I am so grateful that we discovered your camp. I love your mission and commitment to the campers; and wish that it was offered as a course program throughout the year.

 Tina Barnett


Masterpiece has changed not only our son, but our home. For him to experience a group of artists who worship Jesus without reservation, and for us to see it at the closing ceremony has sparked a new fire in our hearts to create the space for the Holy Spirit to breathe in our home.

Our summers will be planned and organized around masterpiece week. Parker is dreaming of every summer and even after high school, hopefully being a part of the leadership team.

We see in him a motivation in tasks he must do, but doesn’t prefer, because the wholeness and confidence he feels as an artist. We see how God solidified a call in Parker’s life to be a worshipper, to express that in writing, playing, singing, and just being himself… an attitude to see how life can be, not how it currently is… to dream impossibilities and put them into action rather than being depressed because they aren’t. He is creating a group here to gather and be artistic together! We encouraged him to bring a bit of Masterpiece here instead of longing desperately for next summer. He now has tools to write music that was already in his soul; tools we as parents were not equipped to offer.

The friendships birthed at Masterpiece opened Parker’s eyes to see what God is can do among artists, and he doesn’t feel lonely in this world. And now, our younger children are counting the years until they can be a part of Masterpiece! It’s a high priority in our lives to make this happen for our interested children, and I highly recommend Masterpiece Ministries!

 Jennifer Kindle


My daughter, Emery, attended Masterpiece for the first time last summer. She has struggled in the past with anxiety when attending camps, but his camp was different from the start. Because it focused on art and not on team competitions and sports, she felt a lot more peace about going. Talking to Sherrie before she left put her mind at ease, too. When she returned home she retold countless stories of the good and meaningful times she had while she was there.

She made deep connections with people, felt valued as an individual and didn’t experience any anxiety all week. She was challenged creatively and felt connected with God in a special way. She felt free to explore art in new ways and was taught valuable skills. She returned a more confident person. Thank you for making this available!

 Sharla Hintz